Ford Fleet Service

At Coggin Ford Jacksonville

Ford Fleet Mechanical Repairs in Jacksonville, FL

From engine/transmission problems, to suspension and everything in-between, our factory-trained technicians have the skill and equipment to fix any mechanical issues. Our Ford Fleet Service Department services light to heavy duty trucks, motorhomes, buses and emergency vehicles, vehicle mounted compressors and generators, and of course- cars. Here at Coggin Ford in Jacksonville, Florida, we're pleased to offer the following fleet services and more:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • A/C Repair
  • Brakes (Air/Hydraulic)
  • Steering/Suspension
  • Alignment and Axle Correction
  • FDOT & Quarterly Fleet Inspections
  • Transmissions (Manual/Automatic)
  • Diesel/Gas Engine Service
  • Differentials/Drivelines/Clutches

Ford Alignments for Heavy & Light Duty Trucks

A Heavy Truck alignment requires the ability to correct caster and camber on solid I-beam axles and you don't want just anyone working on that- you want Ford certified techs making sure your fleet vehicle has fleet service. Don't settle for less - bring your commercial trucks to our service department!

Ford Fleet Appearance

The appearance of your fleet makes a statement, and we are dedicated to making it a positive one. We have full detail services available to make sure your fleet shines!

Tips for Servicing A Ford Power Stroke Engine

Your Ford Power Stroke® can handle a lot with proper maintenance, but sticking to the suggested Ford maintenance schedule is vital to keep your Ford Power Stroke Diesel running as it should. To make sure that your Power Stroke Turbo Diesel V8 will continue to work at peak performance levels, you need a team of Ford-trained technicians to service it regularly. You can schedule service for your fleet vehicle now by clicking here. Coggin Ford Jacksonville's Ford Commercial Service Team is trained and certified to work on all Ford models, including commercial, fleet, and Power Stroke®.

Ford Power Stroke® Technology

With each passing model year, Ford's technology changes, but you can count on one thing staying the same- the 6.7-liter Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel V8 engine in your F-250 will continue to provide the level of support that you need. With Best-In-Class torque, this engine needs certified Ford service to stay at the top of its game- Coggin Ford Jacksonville can help you there.

Proper Ford Maintenance Based on Driving Conditions is Critical for Your Engine's Performance

You may know the oil change intervals of your truck, but there are other maintenance needs that the Power Stroke® engine has. A common misconception is that one service style will fit all Ford trucks, but your 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel engine may need maintenance on a slightly different schedule based on your specific driving conditions. While normal Ford service schedules are for drivers who mainly use their Power Stroke® engine to commute to work or for smaller jobs, severe Ford service needs special attention and specific service intervals. Severe Service Factors include:

  • Idling often or for extended periods of time
  • Frequent travel at low speeds
  • Frequent travel in below zero or above 90 degree-weather conditions
  • Frequent travel at high speeds and/or with the maximum loaded weight for the truck
  • Frequent Travel in extremely dusty or off-road conditions
  • Towing a trailer that weighs more than 1,000 pounds 20% or more of the time
It is also recommended to only put certain types of fuel into your Ford truck. Some diesel fuel may have additives or be subpar for your engine and knowing where you can get clean diesel for your Power Stroke® engine is a vital part of the ownership process.

Coggin Ford in Jacksonville can provide your Power Stroke® Diesel Engine with certified Ford service that will keep your truck running at peak performance levels. Our Ford Service Team knows when your Power Stroke® Diesel vehicle needs service and at what intervals to help you protect your investment.

If you have questions or you want to set up your next service appointment, reach out to our service team today.