Keep Your Engine Well Maintained this Summer

Follow These Tips To Keep Your Engine Healthy This Summer!


1. New Cars Have A Break-In Period!
  • New or newer engines have new parts that need to be more familiar in their role as your cars engine -- the piston rings in particular. Check with your owners manual for the best results on how to drive within your new cars first 1,000 miles. This tip can really make a difference between an engine that last…
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The Ford Sedan Is Here, But Maybe Not To Stay!

Have you heard the news? We have all the information you need! Stay tuned for more details about what everyone is talking about with Ford!

Wednesday, April 25th, Ford Motor Company announced its plans to stop selling Ford brand sedans in North America. Yes, you heard this right! The goal of this operation is to eliminate unprofitable global operations. 

Cars being cut in North America are the Fiesta, Fusion, and Taurus. But here to stay…
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Easy Tricks To Help You Save Money On Gas!

Gas, Gas and More Gas

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No one likes to be stuck at the gas pump more than on the road, and I have a few tips that will help you stop your frequent trips to fill up and save you money! 

1. Keep The Engine Tuned Up and Checked Out

I understand the hassle of bringing your vehicle you the dealership for service, but in the long run it's worth it. Scheduling routine maintenance…

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CPO May Be Your Way To GO!

Looking to purchase a new vehicle soon, but are unsure of where you should start? Look now further because we may have the answer to all of your car searching needs. 

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We understand that a new car may not be what you are looking for and you may not want to go through with the used car route! If only the best of both worlds could collide and produce s vehicle that had warranty benefits…
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Ford Expedition vs. GMC Yukon: Which is Better?

The Ford Expedition is a powerful vehicle that offers a rare combination of control, safety, and comfort. It is a flexible and versatile SUV; it works well for city travel, and it has enough power to haul a boat or trailer. Jacksonville area residents know the importance of a vehicle that handles all types of weather. The Ford Expedition has a top rating for overall safety, and it is compact and maneuverable for getting in and out of tight spaces.

The Ford Expedition has a great price and value. It costs less than the GMC Yukon and, with better mileage…

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Explore the 2018 Ford Edge at Coggin Ford

There is a good reason why the 2018 Ford Edge has been recently ranked as one of the top SUVs to drive by U.S. News & World Report. If you are looking for a car that can take you on weekend adventures to your heart's content and still have room for four of your friends, then the 2018 Ford Edge is a quality choice.

Everything that Edge owners loved about previous models is included in the 2018 version. 

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2018 Ford Fusion is Ripe with Style, Performance, And Eco-Friendly Options

The 2018 Ford Fusion has been one of the most popular midsize sedans our team at Coggin Ford have ever had the privilege of selling. We believe there are model options to make almost any driver happy when they choose the 2018 Ford Fusion and find the right model to meet their needs.

Across Jacksonville, FL, the benefits of the 2018 Ford Fusion are being seen by drivers who are looking for the best possible performance to those looking for the best option tostretch their dollar with the impressive 2018 Ford Fusion S model.

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Benefits of a Pre-Road Trip Checklist

The benefits of a pre-road trip checklist are that you won't be in a situation that you aren't prepared for, and the journey will be just as enjoyable as reaching the destination. Plan ahead by making a simple checklist:

Take time to create a road trip checklist by taking these tips from us at Coggin Ford. We wish you safe travels during your next road trip!

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Pre-Owned Never Looked So Good

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On the hunt for a new vehicle but unsure where to look? We have you covered here at Coggin DeLand Ford! Many people often wish for the best of both worlds in the automotive industry. Servicing their vehicle but wishing service wasn't as pricey, want a new vehicle for $1 monthly payments or even wanting a new vehicle for the price of pre-owned. Well CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) vehicles are here to save the day…
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