CPO May Be Your Way To GO!

Looking to purchase a new vehicle soon, but are unsure of where you should start? Look now further because we may have the answer to all of your car searching needs. 

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We understand that a new car may not be what you are looking for and you may not want to go through with the used car route! If only the best of both worlds could collide and produce s vehicle that had warranty benefits like new, while also looking new but for the price of used. 

Oh, there is already such a thing?

Welcome to the land of CPO! Certified Pre-Owned vehicles may be your perfect option during your car search for they are gently used vehicles that meet a high standard criteria that specialized Ford Technicians deem worthy! Yes, I said worthy!

To become Ford Certified, the Ford vehicles must be less than six years old along with having less than 80,000 miles on the odometer. A CARFAX history report is also ran to ensure there is nothing that does not meet the cut to move forward to the inspection. A 172-point inspection is ran on ever Ford Certified vehicle that helps us seperate CPO from used.

Warranty you ask? I know this is what you have been waiting for! CPO vehicles come with a 12-month/12,000-mile comprhensive limited warranty that is hard to find elsewhere. Warranty on pre-owned is not emplossible with Ford! Along with the limited warranty, 24/7 Roadside Assistance is also availible along with a vehicle report and more to reinforce the fact that you are basically riding in a brand-new vehicle.

We challenge you to stop into Coggin Ford Jacksonville and test drive a CPO vehicle and say you did not fall in love. With all of the perks, sometimes it is just hard to say 'no.'

Learn more details about our CPO vehicles here and shop our current CPO inventory here!
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