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Soon enough, self-driving cars will be a thing in the NOW, and not the future. As technology greatly advances every day, the future is rushing towards us like no other and YES, self-driving vehicles will be a thing of the present. With everyone working quickly and competing to release their self-driving vehicle, two major powerhouses in the automotive industry are teaming up to deliver an out of body driving experience! 

Ford and Lyft have become the newest alliance in working to create a new way of taxing. Eventually, Lyft users will be able to call self-driving Ford vehicles through an app. Yes, an APP! No exact date has been said, but the year 2021 is surfacing around the web. We are talk no more than 4-5 years away until this becomes a true reality. Both Ford and Lyft engineers will come together and work to create software that will allow communication between Lyft's app. With Ford targeting 2021 as the year to prevail its fully autonomous Ford Fusion hybrid, it seems like these engineers may not have long to catch up! 

Lyft has already partnered with other companies such as General Motors and Jaguar to plan and build its own self-driving system, up until now where Ford hasn't had a clear business plan on how to get people in its self-driving cars other than working with partners. With competitors like GM, also creating automobiles to enter the self-driving era, such as the Chevrolet Bolt, they have released a statement stating "This does not affect our existing business relationship with Lyft." A Lyft spokesperson has made note that "GM is an investor and board member but the partnership is non-exclusive. Our relationship with GM didn't play a role in this decision." 

All in all, this mash up, team up, coming together of both Ford and Lyft will definitely be a look into our near future of what the ride-sharing world may look like. A touch on your phone through an app will bring you a vehicle to take you to a destination. No awkward silence in the back seat, or having to guess how many stars to rate your driver based on if they asked you which radio station you would like to hear. Just a simple ride from point A to point B!

What do you all think about this match up?
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