How to Drive on Flooded Jacksonville Roads: Don't

Jacksonville is still experiencing flooding and flash-flood warnings as Irma is downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is urging people to stay off the roads, and remain in shelter indoors.

If you find yourself in a car despite these warnings, never try to drive through a road with water on it. It only takes about two feet of water to sweep most cars away, and in a flash-flood, shallow water can become deep quickly. Never take the risk.

Be sure you understand how to escape from a sinking vehicle:

  • Roll down the windows as soon as you find your car is stuck in flood water—waiting too long while the water rises could cause the windows to become stuck closed, trapping you.
  • Break the windows if necessary.
  • Only attempt to "wait for the pressure to equalize" as a last resort—most people cannot hold their breath long enough.

Go to for resources on recovering after the hurricane.

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