Rotate Tires for Even Wear

Replacing tires is one of the most costly maintenance items required on your car. Practicing scheduled tire rotation can increase the expected wear and ultimately save you money.

Because the weight of your car is not evenly distributed, the wear on front tires will be different than the back. Front tires have to support the heavy engine block while enduring twists and turns on the road. Back tires usually have a lighter load but have to survive the bumps and potholes of everyday driving. Rotating front tires to the back will even the wear of the tires, giving you a longer life. This simple action can improve your tire life by as much as 1,000 miles.

Rotating your tires in this way will also provide a smoother ride from tires that are wearing evenly. It has even been shown to improve gas mileage. To schedule your tire rotation contact Coggin Ford today.
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