The 2018 F-150 Gives Options to Make It Your Own

Both Texas and the rest of America love the Ford F-150. In fact, it's been the best-selling truck in America since the 1970s. The pickup's continual succession of updates and improvements through the years have kept it a step ahead of the competition.

With the 2018 model, the F-150 takes another step forward. While the truck gets an overall styling update, different trim levels offer quite a variety of cosmetic options. The result: it's easier than ever to get an F-150 that matches your personality and style preferences.

The look of your F-150 can vary with your trim and options choices. Each trim gets its own grille and tailgate design. You can also choose among a group of wheel options that vary in size, color, shape, and more.

While the new model won't arrive on our lot until later this year, you can still talk us about how you would like to spec your 2018 F-150 when it becomes available. You can also test drive a 2017 F-150 at our location in Jacksonville.

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