Don't Ignore That Low Oil Light

Regular oil changes is possibly the most important service that your car, truck or SUV needs. Below are the top 3 reasons to change your oil at the correct intervals.

  • Keeps your engine running strong for a very long time. Regular oil changes keep your engine is great shape which will help you hit that 200,000-miles mark.
  • Improves your fuel economy. Clean oil keeps the moving components in your engine moving smoothly which will require less fuel. Dirty oil or no oil makes your engine work harder and will use more gas.
  • Prevents engine damage by keeping your engine cool. When you don't have enough oil or your oil is dirty, the moving pieces of your engine can start to heat up. This is extremely bad because it could warp the parts in your engine and cause your engine to seize.

So when that low oil light comes on make sure to bring your car, truck or SUV down to the service team here at Coggin Ford. You can give us a call at 855-474-5316 or schedule your appointment online.

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